Wednesday, December 24th, 2014

*** Please note that all applications for Membership from the January 2015 meeting (below) have been put off until the

February 2015 meeting ***

Here are the tentatively approved or rejected applicants for the January 10th, 2015 Union general membership meeting, if you have any valid concerns or recommendations for any of the applicants please contact Doug Johnson. The final vote will be up to the membership in attendance at the meeting.

Applicant Name Status Training review Business
Membership Vote Comments
Tyler Hurst 1st Year A A   voted in Sept  – did not pay
Adeyonbo Aladjare 1st Year A A   551 hours, no missed time
Abdessattar Messaoudi 1st Year A A   540 hours, no missed time
Hremann Kuate-Wafo 1st Year A A   534.5 hours, no missed time
Wesley Thomas 1st Year A A   698.3 hours, no missed time
Ryan Oliver 1st Year A A   344 hours, no missed time
Ahmed Mohamed Yousuf 1st Year A A   435 hours, no missed time
Cody Ronanetz 1st Year A A   1119.5 hours, no missed time
Fritz-Gerald Dumont 1st Year A A   364 hours, no missed time
Nelson McFadyen 1st Year A A   532 hours, no missed time
Jeffrey Francis 1st Year A A   308 hours, no missed time
Tanner Stewart 1st Year A A   voted in Sept, did not pay
Brian Karim 1st Year A A   537.5 hours, no missed time
Brandon Anderson 1st Year A A   914.75 hours, no missed time
Boris Taguimdjeu Taguenang 1st Year A A   877.5 hours, 1 Quit
Pablo Botello 1st Year A A   664 hours, no missed time
Melissa Girard-Poirier 1st Year A A   841.25 hours, no missed time
Jennifer Tourigny 1st Year A A   451.5 hours, no missed time
Jase Dawesom 1st Year R A   956 hours, no missed time
Philip Henstridge JM R R   9146 hours, lasped 119, prev member no hrs 2009
Alicia Liew 1st Year R R  

343.5 hours, Fired