The Insulation Trade is a 3 year Red Seal Trade. To become a Journeyman Insulator, you proceed through the levels of apprenticeship. Insulators follow a three-year apprenticeship at the Northern Alberta Institute of Technology (NAIT) or the Southern Alberta Institute of Technolgy (SAIT).You are responsible for registering with the Apprenticeship Board to become a registered, or “indentured”, apprentice. NAIT or SAIT accepts your registration when you begin working as an Insulator Apprentice. Contact the Alberta Apprenticeship Board for more information.

You can visit NAIT’s website ( or SAIT;s website (  and the Apprenticeship Board’s website (

Local 110 does not train Insulators directly and does not control the apprenticeship process. The apprenticeship process is governed by the Province of Alberta.

How Can I Afford School?

There are several options for obtaining financing while at NAIT or SAIT . Finance applications are available at NAIT or  SAIT. The Union Hall has information on various bursaries, loans and grants, if you need help getting started on the search for financing. Completing your apprenticeship is a condition of maintaining your Union membership!

Are you a second-, third- or fourth-year apprenctice working on a non-represented jobsite?
Contact Local 110 at (780) 426-2874 to discuss the benefits of union membership. Be sure to check out our benefits page too!

U.S. Journeyman Insulators

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For specific information NOT covered on this website such as benefit status, CSTS appointments,
how to become an insulator, etc. : Call (780) 426-2874 or (403) 243-1234

Business Manager: Kevin Lecht (780) 426-2874
Business Agents, North: Doug Casemore, Central: Stacy Edmondson (780)426-2874
Business Agent, South: Derek Stock (403) 243-1234

International Vice President: Wade Logan