Urethane Spray Insulation Update

Good day Union Family

As Local 110 moves into the Urethane Spray Insulation industry, we are not just focused on the current contractors doing this work in Alberta. Andrew Garrett Local 110 Client Contractor Liaison and I have been meeting with current Signatory Contractors about expanding their current business.

To date there is interest from two of our larger industrial Contractors to move into the Urethane Spray industry. One is actively seeking out an established company to purchase so they are able to enter the market quickly. This level of interest shows that the Urethane Spray Insulation industry in Alberta is a viable market that will help our Contractors grow and provide good Union jobs for our Members into the future.

Over the next few weeks, I will continue to meet with our Contractors about this opportunity to expand their business. At the same time Andrew Garrett will be engaging with the nonunion contractors about becoming a Signatory Contractor and the benefits of our Local, for both them and their employees.

Although this part of our industry will not replace standard Mechanical Insulation as then main source of employment for our Membership in these times of uncertainty every opportunity cannot needs to be explored.

In solidarity

Kevin Lecht