Update from Fuller Austin Suncor

Good Morning,


A Voluntary Evacuation Order was issued by Suncor at approximately 16:30 May 16th.  At that point Suncor bussed employees at the camps and site north to the Fort Hills and the Wapisieu camps.


At approximately 22:30 The Government of Alberta issued a Mandatory Evacuation Order that extended from Fort McMurray to just south of Fort MacKay. This evacuation order does NOT include Fort MacKay, Athabasca Camp, and the Beaver River Camp, but all other Camps and Facilities south of this area must evacuate immediately. The Evacuation Order has extended north of Fort McMurray to just south of Fort MacKay. 

Below is a list of the Camps and Facilities which are affected by this evacuation order are: 

Syncrude Facilities South of Fort MacKay 
Suncor Facilities South of Fort MacKay 
Ruth Lake 
Mildred Lake 
West Ells 
MacKay River 
Black Sands Lodge 
Brion Energy – MacKay 
Grizzly Oilsands – Thickwood 
MacKay River Lodge on Aostra 
Marathon Oil – Birchwood 
Poplar Creek – also called Birch 
Southern Pacific – STP MacKay 
Sunshine Oil Sands – West Ells 

NOTE – There may be some camps and facilities missing from this list. Any camp South of Fort MacKay and the Athabasca Camp and Beaver River Camp and north of Fort McMurray must evacuate.


All Camps and Production Refineries North of Fort MCMurray and just south of Fort MacKay including Aostra Road are to evacuate immediately, and all evacuees are to head south on Highway 63 if possible. For a complete list of Camps and Facilities being evacuated go to the Alberta Emergency Alert Public Website.


We are working to communicate with all of our employees that are currently safe at Wabesiu, McClelland and Birch Landing camps. 

The evacuation order has not yet been lifted.  Suncor has indicated workers will remain in camp for the day and return to site only when it is safe to do so.


We will update you further once more information is made available.




Ron Richards, Vice President