Suncor Employee Bulletin


Fire and operations in Wood Buffalo region

Update: 12:15 p.m.

We appreciate the patience of our workforce as we work through this complex and dynamic situation in the Wood Buffalo region. Employees should continue to check Suncor’s Facebook and Twitter pages as well as our website for the latest information. Safety remains our top priority and we are continuously monitoring the situation and working to share accurate information as quickly as we can.

Here is an update on the current situation:

Fire situation:

West section of the fire crossed AOSTRA Road. It is currently located west of Highway 63 and west of our Base Plant operations.

• The north east section of the fire is expected to move east due to wind direction, therefore we expect the risk to Firebag to decrease.

• Weather continues to be an issue with low humidity and high temperatures in the mid-twenties.

Status of personnel: Base Plant, Firebag, MacKay River, East Tank Farm & Pipelines

All personnel for Base Plant and MacKay River will be taken out of the region with the exception of a minimum number of Emergency Response and Security workers required to close our operations at Base Plant. Plans are in place for their relocation.

• Firebag will move to a minimum number of essential personnel. The remaining non-essential personnel will be taken out of the region.

Status of personnel: Fort Hills

All Fort Hills personnel currently at site will remain at site today. Plans are being developed to shift change existing staff.

• Flights scheduled to fly workers in to Fort Hills on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday have been canceled until further notice and will be rescheduled when appropriate.

• The situation in the region continues to be closely monitored and plans are in place to safely and quickly evacuate personnel if needed.

Status of Operations: Base Plant, Firebag and MacKay River

Completed an orderly shutdown of operations at MacKay River and Base Plant, including East Tank Farm

• Firebag currently shutdown and on hot standby.

Status of Operations: Fort Hills

Fort Hills is currently at low fire risk

• Fort Hills continues to conduct operations activities and construction planning


Flights will continue to transport people out of the region.

• Bussing and out-bound flight schedules are currently being developed. We appreciate workers’ patience as we work through the logistics of relocating workers.

• Travel on Highway 63 is restricted. The highway is reportedly closed at both the Suncor interchange and the Parsons Creek interchange. Driving personal vehicles out of the region is currently not recommended. Convoys to bus personnel out of the region are being controlled by the RCMP.

• Visit regularly for travel updates.

Employee Assistance

For any employee or work-related questions, contact our Suncor Family Support Centre at 1-877-285-4600 or We are working to resolve questions as quickly as possible.

• If you need support services please contact the Employee & Family Assistance Program (EFAP) at 1-800-387-4765.