Suncor 2016 Industrial Wireless Program

Suncor is deploying the Turnaround Optimization Solution for the duration of the fall 2016 U2 maintenance event for Plants 64 and 66. This program uses wireless technology to enhance worker safety and improve efficiency during the event.

The wireless badges, which are equipped with a panic button to be used in emergency situations, will monitor individual fatigue levels and provide near real-time location information. Location and other data sources, such as schedule, are combined and analyzed in collaboration with our contractor partners to identify and mitigate roadblocks workers face during the event.

All workers supporting the fall 2016 U2 maintenance event for Plants 64 and 66 will be required to wear a wireless badge as mandatory PPE. Starting in early July 2016, new workers will receive their wireless badge as part of their onboarding process at Base Plant. Workers already on site will receive their wireless badge via contractor-specific sessions.

An overview of the program will be provided prior to workers obtaining their wireless badge.. At this time, the contract workers will be requested to sign a consent form detailing how their information will be collected, used, and disclosed. Individuals who participated in the spring 2016 event or fall 2015 pilot will be asked to re-sign the consent form.

If you have any questions or feedback, contact Suncor directly at, Contractor employers supporting the event and local union representatives should also be able to assist in providing additional clarification if needed.