Robert Cartier video

Good day,

Over the last number of days Local 110’s social media and emails have been flooded with copies of a video that has a Mr. Cartier being confronted by two individuals about the trapping and extermination of cats. I share in the disgust of these actions and hope that the proper authorities are dealing with this appropriately.

Mr. Cartier is not currently an active member of Local 110 and is not working for any of our signatory contractors.  

I do ask that the people who have been posting these videos as comments on condolence posts for our members who have passed away, please stop. Although I see that you are trying to get a reaction this is incredibly disrespectful to the memory of these members, their friends, and family members who have been seeing these posts over the last few days.

All of our social media is used to provide information about our Union and associated events or organizations. As such we will not be allowing these videos to be posted to our social media.


Kevin Lecht Business Manager