Price Manufacturing

Good day

Our Local has taken a step into a new sector for our membership, with the signing of a new contractor Price Manufacturing in Calgary Alberta.
In early 2015 Business Agent Pat Tilley and I met with Todd Price the owner of Price Manufacturing. Mr. Price is a Union Mechanical Insulator by trade, who started his company to provide high quality fittings, removable covers, and other metal products for the Mechanical Insulation trade.

After significant consultation between Mr. Price, Pat Tilley and then Derek Stock as Southern Business Agent, and myself it was finally decided that although this shop produces similar products to what is produced onsite, the nature of the business, the equipment used in fabrication, and the exacting reproduction of each fitting made it impossible to unionize this business under the Provincial Construction Collective Agreement. So, in March 2020 Local 110 completed bargaining on an independent Shop Collective Agreement and on June 29, 2020 it was signed along with a voluntary recognition for Price Manufacturing.

This is a fabrication facility that has had up to six employees at one time working on direct fabrication. Currently, they brought with them two employees that were already working for the company, these individuals will be indentured shortly into the Alberta apprenticeship program, and they hired one of our Calgary Red Seal Journeyman Members to be a working Foreman. With demand for the products increasing both in Canada and the USA, the company will be looking for more of Members to fill in their manpower needs. However, there will be a learning curve for even the most experienced of our Journeyman that take the call.

In close I would like to say welcome and congratulations to our two new members and thank Price Manufacturing for partnering with Local 110 into the future.

In solidarity

Kevin Lecht                                                                          

Business Manager