Potential Members for the August 2019 General Membership Meeting





Vo, Xuan Huu Helper Accept  A
Tran, Nhat Minh Helper Accept  A
Peltonen, Lacee 1st year Accept  A

Please take note of Local 110 Bylaws Section 19- all requirements of this section must be met before being issued membership in Local 110.

Section 19 – Membership

19.1        Any Member who applies to join Local 110, if accepted, will pay an initiation fee in the amount of one hundred dollars ($100.00), excepting that:

Those Members who lapse out of the union will pay an additional amount of money which equals the amount owed for union dues and fines at the time of lapsing. This amount must be paid in full prior to vote of acceptance by the general membership. A $200.00 reinstatement fee, to reinstate their membership will be paid at the time of New Member Orientation.

19.2        Any individual that makes application to Local 110 and is rejected by vote of the membership.

  • First rejection they will not be able to make new application for a minimum 3 calendar months.
  • Second rejection they will not be able to make new application for a minimum of 6 calendar months.
  • Third or more rejections they will not be able to make new application for a minimum of 12 calendar months.

19.3        All new Members, including Members who are transferring their membership to Local 110, must complete New Member Orientation within 180 days from the date they were voted into Local 110 or their membership is void and they will have to reapply for membership.

19.4        New Member Orientation will be held in Edmonton and Calgary once every month and Fort McMurray once every two months.

19.5        Permit members and Travel Card Members requesting membership will not receive their union card and Local 110 will not accept a transfer card, until after the Member has taken the oath of membership referred to in the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators and Allied Workers Constitution at New Member Orientation.