At the September 12, 2015 General membership meeting a motion was made and passed from the report of the Local 110 Financial Trustees that states.

Motion for the current Business Manager / Financial Secretary to forthwith lapse out of the union any and all members who have failed to pay outstanding union dues and or fines within the time allowed for that they have been given final notice for, except for cases where the Financial Secretary has documented payment arrangements to allow for more time to pay those outstanding union dues; and on a go forward basis send those notices out in a timely way and lapse any other members forthwith when they do not pay their dues / fines within the times prescribed in the International Constitution and Bylaws, the Local 110 Bylaws and in accordance with Local 110 motions passed.

As such lapsing packages are currently being made up for 52 members, some of these members are working and some are not. If you have received a final notice or if you feel that you may be in a position to be lapsed please contact Local 110 union hall at 780 426 2874 to be paid up to current or make payment arrangements with Business Manager Kevin Lecht, so that you will not be lapsed from our local.

The majority of members that have outstanding dues and are working through Local 110 will be having additional dues removed from their cheques by the contractor to bring their accounts current with Local 110. However fines cannot be removed from a member’s cheque as such it is the responsibility of the member to make these payments directly to Local 110.