Online Orientation

With changing technology all contractors and clients are trying to find ways to have more onsite productive time. One way they are starting to attempt this is moving away from traditional classroom orientation to online site orientation.

Some of our contractors have been requesting our members to complete online orientation for some sites before the member is able to report to the site. As a Local we understand that this is a client site requirement. However this does not remove the company obligation to pay the members for their time spent doing the online orientation.

Most of the online orientations that I was required to complete have been less than two hours to complete and the company has added the two hours onto the members first pay check. However I have been informed that some of our members have recently been told that they will not be paid for the time taken to complete orientation. If you have been required to complete an online orientation and were not paid or have been recently dispatched and informed that you will not be paid for online orientation please contact the Business Agent for the area and provide a written statement regarding the situation.