Oilsands facilities and work camps north of Fort McMurray evacuated

Good day Brothers and Sisters

Currently we have a number of companies that had started bring workers back to the Fort McMurray area with plans to have as much of the workforce back on site in the next few weeks. Unfortunately the situation in Northern Alberta has changed again and workers are again being removed from sites and camps across the North and being transported back to Edmonton and Calgary. Currently Local 110 has 168 Members that are in camps or being moved to evacuation points. Blacksands camp was evacuated with no injuries but the camp itself has been destroyed by fire.

The current camps that are being evacuated are:

  • Syncrude Facilities South of Fort MacKay
  • Suncor Facilities South of Fort MacKay
  • Millennium
  • Borealis
  • Hudson
  • Ruth Lake
  • Mildred Lake
  • West Ells
  • Baseline
  • MacKay River
  • Black Sands Lodge
  • Brion Energy – MacKay
  • Grizzly Oilsands – Thickwood
  • MacKay River Lodge on Aostra
  • Marathon Oil – Birchwood
  • Noralta
  • Poplar Creek – also called Birch
  • Southern Pacific – STP MacKay
  • Sunshine Oil Sands – West Ells