OHS Survey

Good day Union Family,

In 2020 the Alberta Government passed Bill 47: Ensuring Safety and Cutting Red Tape Act, this Act has a number of amendments to OH&S as well as WCB legislation. From 2021-2023 OHS code will be reviewed in three phases. At each phase there will be some level of public consultation.

Phase one consultation is now open with the survey linked below. I have completed this survey and the first section is focused on Asbestos regulations, Pulmonary Function tests, Spirometry tests, and chest X rays. As most Insulators know Spirometry testing provides significantly less information than what is provided by a true Pulmonary Function test. The PFT needs to be held as the standard under OHS for the safety of all workers exposed to Asbestos in the Province of Alberta. Additionally, there is focused questions regarding removal of the chest X-ray requirement under OHS. This is unacceptable, these X-rays have provided detection of growths in our Member’s lungs long before the Member experienced symptoms. The only way the X-ray requirement can be removed is if it is changed to a Low Dose Computed Tomography or LDCT, that has now become the gold standard in lung cancer screening.

I ask that every Insulator take the time to fill out this survey. Even if you only answer the first section and skip the others that will bring attention to the importance of proper regulations around Asbestos handling, Asbestos exposure, and long-term health monitoring.

If you have any questions please contact me at the Edmonton Union office.


In Solidarity
Kevin Lecht
Business Manager