Officer Compensation


Good day Union Family

Over the last number of months our Local has been experiencing significantly lower employment due to shutdowns and maintenance work being pushed out due to COVID and the price of oil. This has resulted in lower revenue for the Local and the Trust Funds.

In light of the reduced revenue the Three Business Agents and Myself have taken a 10% wage reduction. This reduction is only for the Business Agents and Business Manager, the Staff, Client Contractor Liaison, and Trainers are at their full package wages.

Some concerns have come forward that the membership may see this as a signal to expect a similar wage reduction from the next Collective Agreement. I can understand how some people may make that assumption, but I would like to assure all members that this is not the case. The Bargaining Committee has been working diligently and will continue to do so.

In solidarity

Kevin Lecht                                                                          

Business Manager