NWR Better SuperVision Course

Informaion for Members at the NWR project.


NWR will be hosting its next Better SuperVision session starting August 10th (3 days: Aug 10, Aug 12 and Aug 17).

Better SuperVision is for Building Trades members and is a comprehensive learning process designed to equip supervisors with leadership skills that will help create a safe, productive and motivated workforce. It is one of the training programs that is accepted by AIT as part of the qualification process for obtaining ICCS certification.

Registration link: https://www.bettersupervision.org/register

*There is a minimum participation number of 15 people for this course to run.

Details can be found on the attached document.

Please forward on to your managers and supervisors to be shared at Tool Box Talks, weekly meetings, and new hire orientations.

Questions and assistance with registration can be sent to this email.


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