November 2018 Wage Adjustment

There will be a Wage Adjustment as of November 4, 2018.

As per the Letter of Understanding Re: Industrial Wage Determination there is to be 40 CENTS ($0.40) added to the total wage package – we would like your input as to where this increase will be going – IF YOU ARE ABLE, PLEASE ATTEND THE GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING OCTOBER 13, 2018.

As per our Collective Agreement, we have the option to put the $0.40 into the base rate or into the pension on the Industrial Wage Schedule (these are the only 2 options)

For the Commercial Wage Package it would only be applied to the Base Rate.

There will be discussion at the OCTOBER 13, 2018 GENERAL MEMBERSHIP MEETING prior to any decisions being made so please attend this meeting if you can.

In Solidarity,

Kevin Lecht

Business Manager