Non-Union Workers

Good day Brothers and Sisters

Currently, with the large number of outstanding calls in the Union hall, some signatory contractors have been bringing manpower from the non-union sides of their companies without being dispatched through Local 110.

In some cases, these individuals are ineligible for dispatch through Local 110 for a variety of reasons. Some of these reasons include being inactive with RSAP, having invalid or expired work Visa, not being an active as permit worker with Local 110, or they do not have the certification that the contractor has requested for the call. All of these situations are breaches of the contractors’ contractual obligation to the members of Local 110.

As all members know, Local 110 has a permit worker system that has supplied hundreds of workers to our signatory contractors. In most cases our contractors are working with Local 110 in order to have experienced workers dispatched as permit workers. However, the few that are undermining the dispatch procedure need to be identified as soon as possible so proper grievance and legal action can be taken to protect the dispatch procedure for all Local 110 members.

At this time I am asking the Job Stewards to be extra diligent in checking the referrals of new hires coming to site and if the individual does not have a referral please gather as much information as possible and contact the hall so a proper investigation can be completed.