National Day of Mourning 2021

Good day Union Family

Wednesday April 28, 2021 is the National Day of Mourning. This day is observed in over 80 Countries around the World as a time to remember workers killed, injured, or suffering due to a workplace hazard or occupational exposure. This year in Alberta there has been 150 occupation related deaths, a number of these were due to Asbestos and other exposures from decades prior.

Although the National Day of Mourning is a time of remembrance, it is also a time to renew our commitment to health and safety. Like the old saying goes “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure”, although this was originally said in regard to fires it is relevant in our daily working life. As Mechanical Insulators we have accepted additional health hazards that other tradespeople normally do not have to deal with. However, for the most part we have clear knowledge of the products we are working with and are provided Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to ensure a barrier to keep the hazard out. As workers we must ensure that we prevent exposures, to ourselves and others, because there really is no cure.

Again, this year in person Day of Mourning events have been cancelled or moved onto social media, due to the ongoing COVID 19 Pandemic. I am sure that some job sites will highlight the day in some way, but if you are able please at 11:00 am Wednesday April 28, 2021 take a moment of silence for reflection on those who have past, the families left behind, and your personal commitment to safety.

Stay vigilant, stay safe, and look out for each other.

In Solidarity

Kevin Lecht                                                                          

Business Manager