May 17 Plans for Evacuation From Wood Buffalo Region today


We will be moving all Suncor and contractor personal out of the area today / tomorrow, with an emphasis on getting it done today.  Please share this information, forward this email, to your contractors.  There will be NO MSS essential people held back for maintenance – ALL MSS people will be leaving the region.


Lodges will be moved in this order

  1.       Wapasu
  2.       Grey Wolf
  3.       Barge Landing
  4.       McClelland
  5.       Robson
  6.       Logan


You will be transported to the Fire bag Aerodrome where you will load onto a plane and go to Edmonton.

IF you need to get to Calgary, there will be a coach to get you there.


All existing itineraries are cancelled, it will be a load and go operation similar to the previous evacuation.

You will arrive, show any ID (Suncor badge is best), get on the plane, and leave. 


We have Suncor managers at all lodges to communication this information. 



Christina Ellerbeck

Director Maintenance Support Services