Local 110 Official Election Results as per Independent Third Party

There was a total of 947 ballots mailed out with 510 ballots returned.
Local 110 would like to thank our Auditor Al Scherbarth for acting as the independent third party for this election.
Thanks to the Members of our Election Committee Ivan Jerrett (Chair), James Ruddy, Jim Hackenschmidt, Perry Kraus, and Laura Adams, this was not an easy election to be the committee for and we thank you for your participation.
Thank you to all Members who put their names forward in this election. Your participation in the process and in the Local are appreciated.
Lastly, congratulations to all Members that were elected by vote or acclamation. We look forward to your ideas and leadership in the difficult years ahead. There will be difficult decisions in the next four years but working as a team Local 110 will come out stronger and more united on the other side.
The vacant Sgt. At Arms North position will be nominated and elected at the first General Membership Meeting held in 2021.
• Pat Sullivan Acclamation
Vice President
• Dan Annett Acclamation
Business Manager
• Kevin Lecht Elected
Northern Business Agent
• Douglas Casemore Elected
Central Business Agent
• Stacy Edmondson Elected
Southern Business Agent
• Derek Stock Acclamation
Executive Board
• Ralph Bunker Elected
• Alan Davidson Elected
• Andrew Doucet Jr. Elected
• Phillipe Poirier Elected
• Paul Blinzer Elected
Financial Trustees
• Paul Blinzer Acclamation
• Cale Haack Acclamation
• Chris Trevors Acclamation
Sgt. At Arms North
• Vacant
Sgt. At Arms South
• Neil Holatko Acclamation
Recording Secretary
• Janice Matlock Acclamation