Local 110 Dispatch

Good day Brothers and Sisters

During slow times, such as these, there is a lot of pressure on all of us to keep working to support our families. Here at Local 110 the Officers and Staff are sympathetic to the stresses of those who are looking for work. We understand the frustration that sometimes comes out as anger, not only towards the Officers and Staff but also towards Traveler members who remain working in Alberta.

Since January, at every union meeting, Members have been asking about Travelers working in the province and want to know why they are still here with such a large number of Local 110 Journeyman on our unemployed list. This is why I find it confusing that again today Local 110 has dispatched two Journeyman Travelers, as no members called in for the calls. With 534 journeymen on the unemployed list, not one Local 110 Journeyman put their name forward for these jobs. Having listened to the desperate situations, that some of our members claim to be in, like being in the position of  losing their vehicles, not being able to pay their  bills (including what is owed to Local 110 in dues, fines and mortuary), or losing their homes, for our Local to have Travelers fill our contractors manpower needs is unfathomable and extremely disheartening.

Last year I posted in the Business Manager updates about how our Members need to fill the outstanding calls as companies have the right to fill the calls as they see fit if the Local is unable to fill the manpower requests. Once again, our Local finds itself in the same situation. It is our Local’s responsibility to fill these calls and I would prefer to have them filled with Local 110 members, but when none of our Members are willing to take the work, Travelers are traditionally dispatched next, after that, permits.

Next month, at the General Membership Meeting, when Agent Johnson reads out the number of Travelers working in our jurisdiction, and it has risen from last month, please remember that these Travelers are keeping these jobs union and filling the positions that our Members are not interested in manning.

Thank you

Business Manager

Kevin Lecht