Local 110 Dispatch Code-A-Phones

Good day Union Family

The Local 110 Dispatch Code-A-Phone system has been in place for a number of decades. Currently, there are a total of 4 Code-A-Phone numbers housed in different parts of the Province. One in Calgary, one in Red Deer, one in Edmonton, and one in Fort McMurray. However, with the addition of the Local 110 website and online dispatch system, the Code-A-Phone system is not seeing much usage.

As per motion passed by the Local 110 Executive Board, starting February 1, 2021 Local 110 will be going down to one Dispatch Code-A-Phone. This message can be reached at the current Edmonton Code-A-Phone number (780) 485-3089. Notice of this change will be recorded on all Code-A-Phone messages up to February 1, 2021. Although, there is no plan to end the Dispatch Code-A-Phone completely, the Local will be monitoring future usage.

If you have any questions, I can be reached at the Edmonton Union Hall.

In solidarity
Kevin Lecht
Business Manager