Local 110 2020 Elections

Good day Union Family

As we all know 2020 has been a crazy year. However, this is an election year for our Union and the International General Executive Board have provided temporary amendments to the International Constitution and Bylaws to ensure a fair democratic process, while ensuring the health and safety of our Membership.

This year’s election requires that the election be held without having the normal nomination process. As such notice of nominations will be mailed to all Journeyman Members in good standing with Local 110 near the end of October 2020. Instruction for nominations and acceptance of nomination will be in that letter. Members will have 15 days from the date of mailing to mail in their nomination and acceptance of nomination to the Local 110 office. These letters must be mailed into the Local union office and cannot be returned in person. Nominations and acceptance of nominations will be held in a locked box with the only key held by the members of the election committee. On the 15th day at end of business the election committee will open the box and verify the nominations and acceptances of nomination ensuring that both the Member nominated, and the nominator are Members in good standing of Local 110.

Eligibility for the offices of Local 110 will be as per Article XX of the International Constitution and Bylaws. However, due to the inability for Local unions to hold monthly General Membership Meetings the requirement of having to attend the majority of monthly General Membership Meetings in the past twelve months has been temporarily suspended and will not be a factor in eligibility for this election.

All ballots will be mailed to Journeyman Members in good standing and must be returned by mail. There will not be the option to return ballots in person or vote in person as there has been in the past.

This election is completely dependent on the mail service, to ensure that you receive all the required notices and ballots Local 110 must have your current mailing address. Please contact the Union office, in Edmonton or Calgary, to ensure that we have your current mailing address. Normally we have between five and fifteen letters returned each day due to incorrect address for Members in our system.

This has been just a short overview of this year’s election process. Additional information will be provided to Journeyman Members in good standing as per the International Constitution and Bylaws, through the required mail outs once an Election Committee has been appointed.

In solidarity

Kevin Lecht                                                                          

Business Manager