Local 110 2017 Election

Good day Brothers and Sisters

Our Local 110 Election Committee Chaired by Johannus (Joe) Visser has completed the eligibility review of the members nominated for positions in the 2017 Election and have approved the official Local 110 Election Ballot. The Ballots will be mailed out to all Journeyman members eligible to vote Wednesday November 8, 2017 and have to be returned to the Auditor no later than December 15, 2017 at 16:00.


Patrick (Pat) Sullivan – Acclamation


Vice President

Daniel (Dan) Annett – Acclamation



Michael (Mike) Corcoran – Acclamation

Ronald (Ron) Milich – Acclamation

William (Bill) Spring – Acclamation


Business Manager

Kevin Lecht

Wade Logan


Business Agent South

Robert (Bob) Minnis

Derek Stock

Patrick (Pat) Tilley


Business Agent Central

Ronald (Jim) Adams

Stacy Edmondson

Douglas (Doug) Johnson


Business Agent North

Douglas (Doug) Casemore

Leonard Chomistek

Brandon Hammond


Executive Board

Laura Adams

James (Jim) Bitschy

Paul Blinzer

Gary Buhay

Ralph Bunker

Casey Clements

Michael (Mike) Corcoran

Alan (Al) Davidson

Jason (Jay) Doucet

Justin Dow

Michael (Mike) Gagnon

Neil Holatko

Janice Matlock

Jarred Nagle

Phil Poirier

Mitch Thompson


Sergeant at Arms

Kyle Matuk – Acclamation


Recording Secretary

Janice Matlock

Sheryl Tompkins