List for Membership Vote March 7, 2015 General Membership Meeting

Here are the tentatively approved applicants for the upcoming March 7th, 2015 Union General Membership meeting, if you have any valid concerns or recommendations for any of the applicants please contact Business Manager Kevin Lecht. The final vote will be up to the membership in attendance at the meeting.

Name Status Tentative Final Vote
Dwayne L Smith 1st Year A R
Derrick George 1st Year A A
Princewill Amaechi 1st Year A A
Lee Brittan 1st Year A A
Shelton Alphonse 1st Year A A
Kwong Wah Leong 1st Year A A
Mohamed Ahmed Musa 1st Year A A
Chadwick Briault 1st Year A A
Kenneth Dovich 1st Year A R
Belete Massa 1st Year A A
Fernando Jimenez 1st Year A A
Cesar Lengua-Aliaga Industrial Helper A A
Ryan Enman 1st Year A A
Steven Beaton 1st year A A
Mathieu Gulliford JM C A A
Ken Yuzyk Permit JM A R