Letter of Understanding

Good day Brothers and Sisters

As every member knows Local 110 has had an abundance of calls over the last ten years that have required additional manpower over and above the membership numbers of our Local. In most cases Local 110 has been able to supply through the travel card system bringing members from our Sister Locals across Canada. However this is not a sustainable plan to deal with the manpower needs of our signatory contractors.

For many years our Local has been focused on organizing skilled workers from the nonunion and alternative union ranks here in Alberta. These efforts have resulted in varying success. However it has been increasingly difficult to have Mechanical Insulators that have thousands of hour’s trade experience but no schooling to come work for the union because these people have to be dispatched as First Year apprentices. To make it more viable for these people to work through Local 110 the Union has put forward a draft Letter of Understanding to the Insulator Trade Division of the CLRA. This would allow people to work through the hall that do not have the schooling above the rate of First Year but not with the full package until they become members as per the requirements in the Local 110 bylaws.

Obviously Local 110 is looking to get these people working help upgrade their education and have them become certified Journeymen. With the skill and knowledge that our training center has Local 110 is able to help anyone become a certified journeyman.

Below is a copy of the Letter of Understanding, unfortunately the contractors have been reluctant to sign for various reasons. However I encourage every Mechanical Insulator that has ever worked in Alberta to contact the CLRA toll free at 1-800-450-7204 and tell them you agree with this letter being signed. If you are a Mechanical Insulator working for a Non-union or CLAC contractor tell your company that their Union side needs to sign this Letter of Understanding to open up new employment opportunities in the future.

In Solidarity

Kevin Lecht



By and between




(Hereinafter referred to as the “Association”)





(Hereinafter referred to as the “Union”)

Re: Applicator Work Placement (Temporary Measure)


The Parties have found that due to the current lack of compulsory trade status for Mechanical Insulators there are a large number of individuals working outside of the Union with extensive hours in the trade but without formal training.

The parties agree that being able to utilize these workers in times of high industry demand without undermining the current processes under the Provincial Collective Agreement or the Alberta Apprenticeship program would be beneficial to Union and Contractors alike.

The parties have determined a process to allow temporary workers under the designation of applicator to man jobs until such a time the Union replaces them with Journeymen and or Registered Apprentices.

The parties agree that supplying manpower to contractors in this method is considered a temporary measure and only in place by mutual agreement of the Union and the Contractor requesting the manpower.

Now therefore, it is Agreed between the Parties hereto that:

  • The parties have entered into an agreement until the Collective Agreement term ending April 30, 2019 at which time provisions of this letter may be revisited and amended as needed.
  • The Union will be able to supply workers under the job title “Applicator” under levels 2, 3, and 4 with corresponding pay at 10% percent under Certified Journeymen for Level 4 Applicator, 10% percent under 3rd year Apprentices for Level 3 Applicator and 5% percent under 2nd year Apprentices for Level 2 Applicator.
  • There will be no pension paid on behalf of Applicators until such time as they become a registered Apprentice or Journeymen as per the Provincial Collective Agreement.
  • For the pay scale to apply, the Applicator must have minimum hours provable in the Mechanical Insulation Trade. For Applicator Level 2 must prove 2000 hours; Level 3 must prove 4000 hours; and for Level 4 must prove 7000 hours.
  • The call will remain on the Union dispatch list until such time as the project will be supplied with Journeymen and Registered Apprentices or the contract is completed.
  • The Contractor acknowledges that they are responsible for all costs of replacing Applicators with Journeymen and or Registered Apprentices provided by the Union. Including travel and wages as per the Provincial Collective Agreement. Article 13.06 will not apply to this letter of understanding.
  • Applicators will be considered permit workers and all the same rules apply.
  • This Letter of Understanding shall terminate with the expiry of this Collective Agreement, provided, however that anyone working under this agreement established under this Letter of Understanding shall continue for the term provided therein.
  • This Letter of Understanding shall be attached to and be part of the Collective Agreement between the Parties hereto.