Illegal Job Action

Good day Brothers and Sisters

Over the last few days the Local 110 officers have receive a number of calls, regarding possible job action being taken by members of some Building Trades Affiliates, due to the changes in the GPMA Collective Agreement.

The position of Local 110 is that we do not support any illegal work stoppage or strike, by any trade or union. To that end our Local expects our membership to continue to work on all construction and maintenance sites, where we have legal and binding Collective Agreement requiring us to do so.

I know from personal experience, this is a difficult situation for our membership and even harder for the traveler members working through our Local. In this case there are workers across the trades holding out that this is the “right thing to do” despite our legal obligations. We have individuals within our own membership that have the same view. However this is not the way to effect positive change on the job, in our union, or in the maintenance bargaining process.

If Local 110 members are involved with any illegal work stoppage or strike there will be serious financial repercussions for our union, due to damages being sought and won by contractors and clients through the Alberta Labour Board, for delay of project and production. In the case of large oil sands projects these damages could quickly move into the millions of dollars. For some unions these damages can be paid and the funds recovered over time from dues, fines, and assessments of their membership. Unfortunately with the financial situation of Local 110 this may not be an option.

 As a final thought, I would like to remind us all that agreements are not bargained for jobs we don’t have. In these turbulent times all unions need to protect the projects we have, expand into new opportunities and prepare for the next round of negotiations.