Horizon Site Update – May 18, 2016

To update you on the fire to the south of Syncrude we can report that it moved further west along the south side of Syncrude by approx. 6 km over the past 24 hours.  Industry fire support worked to help protect the Noralta Lodge. That effort is ongoing and remains positive.    We have moved people back into the Athabasca camp as they have stabilized their operation.  Again, we do not consider Horizon to be under threat. The fire is approx. 50 km south of Horizon. As previously mentioned we continue to work with the Regional Emergency Operations Center authorities for updates on the fire activity. Hi-way 63 has re-opened today to operate in a controlled fashion.  

I want to ensure you our site is safe and our focus should remain on safe, steady and reliable operations including all project work activity fronts across site.

Regarding working at site, we have not and we will not ask anyone to work in unsafe conditions. Equally important, I reiterate our site is safe. In the event someone does not want to work on site for personal reasons we ask that you work with your supervisor to make arrangement to return to Edmonton or Calgary.  In relation to smoke in the air, anyone with a chronic respiratory condition that is aggravated by the smoke should talk to their supervisor and go to the medical center ASAP.

Lastly for today’s update, our management team is working on a Q & A presentation that will be shared with everyone including information on our Emergency Management System along with a brief overview of our evacuation plans in the unlikely event that were to occur. We are not implementing evacuation, but we are ready to do so if required. I stress again the fire is 50 km south of Horizon. We plan to have the presentation available later today.  Our EOC team is well prepared to respond to changing conditions and all matters of concerns are taken seriously by management.  I have a very high level of confidence in the site management team supported by their confidence and situational awareness.

Next update – tomorrow morning . Have a great safe work day everyone.

Thanks for your hard work !!

Scott  Stauth

Senior Vice President, North American Operations

PS. Other fire facts :

There are over 1000 firefighters , 169 pieces of heavy equipment and 42 helicopters working on the fire fronts.