Hazardous Material Handler Helpers and Mechanics List

Good day Union Family
With the current work situation there has been interest from some of our Mechanical Insulation Members, to work under the Demolition Agreement as Hazardous Material Handlers.

As reported before, this work is completed at significantly lower rates of pay and benefits, than the rates paid to Mechanical Insulators. As such at the last Local 110 Executive Board Meeting on June 18, 2020, the Board made the motion and it passed unanimously, to have a separate unemployed list for Hazardous Material Handlers. When a Mechanical Insulation Member, takes a call as a Hazardous Material Handler, their name will remain on the Insulator Unemployed list and it will rise in the usual way. The hope is this will open opportunities for more of our current members without limiting the possibilities for future work as an Insulator.

The only requirements to sign this list is you must have a valid Alberta Asbestos Removal Ticket and a valid Pulmonary Function test. To be listed as a Mechanic, you must be assessed based on experience doing Hazardous Removal by a signatory contractor working under this agreement.

For any member that are interested in placing their name on the Hazardous Material Handler list please call the Edmonton Union Hall at (780) 426-2874.

In solidarity

Kevin Lecht

Business Manager