GPMA Update

Good day Brothers and Sisters

Over the last week there has been a lot of misinformation regarding the Alberta GPMA implementation. I will try to explain what has been happening and clear up as much confusion as possible.

  • As of April 3, 2016 the new conditions of the GPMC agreements in Alberta came into effect.
  • Overtime change for the GPMA is on a four tens work week there is twenty hours of time and a half before double time. On compressed work schedules, such as seven on seven off or fourteen on fourteen off, thirty six hours of time and a half will be worked before double time.
  • Hourly rate has not changed.
  • On March 31, 2016 the General Presidents Maintenance Committee, which is made up of all the vice presidents of all the Building Trades Unions asked the contractors that are signatory to the GPMA agreement to hold off on implementation until a meeting could be had on April 27, 2016. Unfortunately the contractors tried to impose unreasonable conditions in exchange for postponing the implementation of the agreement. This included a refusal to return to the table for further negotiations.

At the April 9, 2016 General Membership Meeting we will try to answer any additional questions that the members may have.