Fuller Austin (Stuart Olson) Suncor Agreement

Good day Union Family

The last number of years Fuller Austin (Stuart Olson)) has performed the Mechanical Insulation Maintenance work at the Suncor Base Plant in Fort McMurray. During this time Fuller Austin has utilized the National Maintenance Agreement (NMA) for Alberta, for all work preformed onsite.

In 2020 Fuller Austin applied to the General Presidents Maintenance Committee (GPMC) for an adherence agreement to be able to utilize the General Presidents Maintenance Agreement (GPMA) for Suncor Inc Tar Island, Alberta. This adherence agreement was granted by the GPMC in 2020. Local 110 has now received notice from Fuller Austin that as of April 1, 2021 they will be utilizing the GPMA for Suncor Inc Tar Island, Alberta for all work at the Suncor site.

What does this really mean for Members working on this site? Unfortunately, quite a bit. The GPMA is a focused agreement for long term maintenance and with the last round of bargaining a number of changes were made to move the NMA and the GPMA further apart in regard to working conditions and wages. Local 110 is working on building a concise list of the differences between the two agreements that will be distributed through Norther Business Agent Doug Casemore and the Job Steward. However, one of the more immediately noticeable differences is that under the NMA Members were paid the full Construction Collective Agreement rate since the project is located within 100 KM of the City of Fort McMurray. Now under the GPMA the rates will be reduced by seventy-five cents per hour.

I would suggest any Member working maintenance be familiar with the agreement they are working under. If you are not sure what agreement you are under, please contact your local area Business Agent or Myself. A current copy of the agreement can be found at http://www.gpmccanada.com/

In solidarity
Kevin Lecht
Business Manager