Fort Hills Frequently Asked Questions – Fort McMurray Wildfires



1.Why is the Project returning to an operating mode if the fire is still active?

The decision to return workers was decided after a thorough risk review and mitigation plans, feedback from workers, and the Project’s business requirements.

A prolonged shutdown also presents a number of risks, which has been weighed against the risk of returning workers to sites to prepare for a return to operation.

2. Is it safe for employees to return to the region?

Safety is the Project’s top priority and the decision was made to return workers to work after a thorough assessment of the risk to the Project’s operations and workers.

The Project is monitoring the fire situation around the clock and performing additional fire mitigation activities depending on the risk to the site.

3. What if the fire or smoke situation changes?

There are detailed monitoring and evacuation plans in place and those plans will be enacted if and when required.

4. How will we evacuate if needed?

The plan will be communicated directly to site leaders and workers if plans need to be enacted.

5. How are we monitoring smoke?

The Oil Sands Wildfire Smoke Management Plan (RGS0025A) is in place to proactively manage and monitor the risks and impacts associated with wildfire smoke.

6. How are we monitoring air quality?

Air monitoring for carbon monoxide and respirable particulate is being conducted on site and in lodges on a continuous basis (frequency of monitoring is adjusted as per changing conditions).

7. How can my family reach me at the lodge?

There is cell service at the lodges so your family can reach you. Please remember all cell phone usage rules still apply.

8.I heard Highway 63 is open. Can I drive my car to one of our sites?

The City of Fort McMurray is still not accessible under any circumstances. This will be strictly enforced by RCMP.

The Project is providing flights to and from sites from Calgary and Edmonton Hubs. Unless approved by the Project, workers must use this method of travel once they have been requested to come to work. The Project will provide bussing to and from the lodge.

Workers are asked not to contact the provincial operations centre for updates on highway conditions.