First Year Insulation School

Good day Union Family,

In 2015 Local 110 started an eight-week Pre-Trades program.  The reason for this was twofold. One, our Contractors were not utilizing first year apprentices, so we had to provide training to starters, so they were safe and productive from the first day onsite. Two, this program was the first step to brining Alberta Apprenticeship Training in house for the Local.

I am happy to announce that after a lot of work by our Training Coordinators and Local 110 Officers, we now have authorization through Alberta Industry Training (AIT) to provide First Year Apprenticeship Training through our Training Center. This course is instructed by Local 110 Training Coordinators and the Provincial Final Exam will be administered by AIT at the end of the course.

The inaugural First year class will be held August of this year. If interested, please contact Dan Annett or Phil Poirier at the Edmonton Training Center.

In Solidarity

Kevin Lecht                                                                        

Business Manager