Election Committee Update

Election Nominee Update from the Election Committee

Below is a list of nominees running in the 2020 Local 110 election


Pat Sullivan – winner by acclamation

Vice President

Dan Annett – winner by acclamation

Business Manager/Financial Secretary/Corresponding Secretary

Brandon Hammond

Kevin Lecht

Northern Business Agent

Douglas Casemore

Leonard Chomistek

Casey Clements

Greg Creaven

Justin Dow

Shane Lowney

Central Business Agent

Stacy Edmondson

Ryan LaPointe

Southern Business Agent

Derek Stock – winner by acclamation

Union Financial Trustees (3)

Paul Blinzer – winner by acclamation

Cale Haack – winner by acclamation

Chris Trevors – winner by acclamation

Executive Board Members (5)

Paul Blinzer

Ralph Bunker

Alan Davidson

Andrew Doucet Jr

Philippe Poirier

Matt Redmond

Steve Vandevoorde

Daniel White

Sergeant-At-Arms North


Sergeant-At-Arms South

Neil Holatko – winner by acclamation

Recording Secretary

Janice Matlock – winner by acclamation

Congratulations to all those that have won their positions by acclamation and Good Luck to all other Nominees.

**All nominees have been approved by the election committee

The 2020 Election Committee

Ivan Jerrett (Chair)

James Ruddy

Jim Hackenschmidt

Perry Kraus

Laura Adams