Donations Being Accepted

Good day Union Family

Local 110 has been asked to help facilitate donations to help Brother Kim Croswell’s Family.

As some of you may know Kim has had a number of strokes and is in the hospital in Saskatoon Saskatchewan, with a very long road to recovery. With his Health and Welfare benefits coming to an end shortly. His daughter who is a resident of British Columbia has come to Saskatoon to help him in his recovery. Unfortunately, this has resulted in her not being able to work and since Kim’s residence is hours away from Saskatoon it has been costly for her to continue staying in the area.

Brother Dan Vick has provided a donation of two large prizes and the local will be putting up a prize for three thank you draws. Although you are not required to donate to be part of a draw it is encouraged to donate a minimum of $20 as all funds will be given to the family. This draw is open to everyone if they are affiliated with Local 110 or not. However, if you are drawn for one of the packages you must pick it up in person at the Edmonton or Calgary Union Hall.

If you would like to donate in person you can do so at the Edmonton or Calgary Union Halls, or you can call the Edmonton Union Hall at (780) 426-2874 and a donation can be made over the phone with a credit card.

If you have any questions please contact me at the Edmonton Union Office, listed above.

In solidarity,

Kevin Lecht

Business Manager