COVID Rapid Antigen Screening (RAS) Testing

Good day Union Family,

As industry moves through the COVID 19 pandemic, there continues to be dramatic changes to our working lives.

Months ago, Clients brought forward Rapid Antigen Screening (RAS) Programs to help reduce the likelihood of onsite transmission of COVID 19. As vaccination rates increase the focus on RAS Program has moved from the entire workforce, to a strategic testing requirement focused on those workers that are not fully vaccinated. Since, this group is significantly less than the entire workforce Clients have pushed the testing requirements onto the Contractors. Therefore, we are now seeing RAS Program policies being sent out by our Contractors.

Local 110 acknowledges, that Contractors have the right to request declaration of vaccination status and have the right to implement a RAS Program. However, Local 110 does not and will not agree that this program is at the cost of our Members. Every Member directed to take a RAS test at their own cost, complete the test, submit the sales receipt to the Contractor for proper reimbursement, if not reimbursed submit proper payroll queries regarding the reimbursement asking for a written response, and once the Contractor responds provide all this documentation to the Union for a grievance.

Most Contractors are doing this process properly by providing RAS testing at no cost to the Members. Hopefully, the few outliers that are trying to download a $3.75 hourly cost on Members working 40 hours per week, will quickly change their policy without causing significant labour unrest on their projects.

In Solidarity,