Commercial Health and Welfare/Pension

Good day Union Family

In late August Members were notified that the PITT fund would no longer be providing Health and Welfare/Pension RRSP contributions on behalf of the Contractors employing in the Commercial/Institutional Insulation sector. At that time all the Contractors made the choice to not make Health and Welfare contributions on behalf of the members work for them.

After extensive consultation with the Owner of ICON, Local 110 has been able to work out a system for the company to ensure that the members working for them will continue with health and welfare benefits through Local 110. Going forward ICON will be paying the base cost for every member working for them each month without being tied to the hours worked during the month. What does this mean for the member? If there are limited hours worked during the month, that would not normally allow for benefits in the month ICON will still pay the amount on behalf of the member to ensure that the benefits will continue for that month.

Currently, the wage rate in the Commercial sector is to a point that it is difficult to bring people into the sector. As such ICON has agreed to provide a contribution directly to the members base wage to make up for the pension contribution. This is a short-term solution, that will allow the members to have a higher base wage without the RRSP that was being provided by the PITT fund. In the future as the agreements move forward both Local 110 and the Owner of ICON are committed to bringing the commercial workers into the pension plan to ensure a future with a dignified retirement.

As of today, ICON is the only Commercial Contractor that has committed to providing these benefits to the members currently working for them. Every other Commercial Contractor has the ability to follow the process as ICON by contacting Local 110. There are some contractors that are trying to have members move towards a low-cost minimal coverage Blue Cross plan that will most likely not provide the required benefits for most of the members. If your contractor is not providing benefits, you are not getting the proper value for your work and bring your concerns to the company and the Union.

If you have questions, please contacted us at the Local 110 Union Hall.

Thank you

Kevin Lecht 

Business Manager