Canadian Union of Postal Workers Lockout Information Picket June 30th

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers is facing an impending lockout that can happen as soon as July

2nd. The last offer we received from Canada Post was woefully inadequate in addressing any of the

demands by our union in relation to pay equity, service expansion, or the restoration of door to door


This past year Canada Post delivered more packages than any other company in the country and we

have no intention of changing that, in fact, we want more! We want to work, we value the service we

give Canadians, and we have no intention of taking that away. Unfortunately, Canada Post Corporation

doesn’t share these values and have chosen to cut all benefits for their employees as of July 2nd, and

potentially lock us out of all our sortation facilities nationwide to prevent us from bringing the service

we love to provide to your door.

We want to negotiate a fair contract that gives our predominantly female RSMC’s (Rural & Suburban

Mail Carriers) the same pay and benefits that the predominantly male letter carriers who deliver in cities

receive. We want to see an expansion of services and create new revenue streams through innovations

like postal banking in order to better serve the needs of Canadians across the country.

So far, Canada Post Corporation is completely ignoring these issues and is content to continue cutting

services while charging more. With Canada Post making profits consistently for decades paying out $1.5

billion in dividends, and registering a first quarter profit of $44 million this year these cut backs are

simply unacceptable!

We want to keep serving Canadians and make our public postal service competitive and viable for

decades to come!

We’re calling on all allies and concerned citizens to come join Larry Dionne Edmonton Local President at

the Edmonton Mail Processing Plant at 12135 149 Street on June 30th between 2:00 4:00 pm to show

your support for our public Postal Service!


Larry Dionne

CUPW Local 730 President