Canadian Conference St. Johns Newfoundland

This year was the 49th Canadian Conference and was held in St. Johns Newfoundland. Local 137 did an excellent job of hosting the conference and making all the delegates feel welcome.

Local 110 sat a total of six delegates at this conference, Ronald James (Jim) Adams, Ralph Bunker, Derek Stock, Patrick Sullivan, Patrick Tilley, and myself. I would like to thank all that attended for representing Local 110 and for their professionalism in doing so.


At this conference it was reported that the work outlook is good in almost all of the Canadian Locals. They should be holding at almost full employment and some may have the opportunity of requiring travel card members to help fill their manpower requirements. This is excellent news for all Locals in Canada, however this will slow the ability for Local 110 to obtain travel card members and fill the manpower requests here in Alberta. As such our Local will have to look outside the box and find a made in Alberta solution to filling the manpower needs of our contractors.


Also at this Conference there was the election of officers for the Canadian Conference and I am proud to say that I am the new President of the Canadian Conference. I take over from Louis Duguay Business Manger Local 131 who has held the position for over a decade. I hope that I will be able to make a similar contribution.