Calgary office

Good day Union Family

Since the mid 1970’s our Union has been located at 3804 Macleod Trail SE in Calgary. First as Local 126 and after amalgamation as Local 110. This has been decades of rent paid to the same building.

In 2019 is became clear that this location was no longer suitable for our Union. The area has become far from desirable with homeless people living in the back-parking lot, drug paraphernalia on the ground and in the hallway of the building itself. Local 110 staff had their vehicles vandalized during work hours, but the final straw came when during our monthly meeting the building manager decided to have our Members vehicles towed because we were taking up too much space. A motion was made directing Business Agent Derek Stock to start looking for a new location.

After a few months it was clear that with business property prices coming down in Calgary Local 110 maybe in a position to buy a location to house our Local in Southern Alberta. To accomplish this the Trustees of the PITT fund went to the Court of Queen’s Bench for advice and direction to see if the funds in the PITT fund could be used to buy a property. In the end this expenditure was approved for the PITT fund and the required motions were made by the PITT Trustees, Local 110, and the Asbestos Workers Building Benevolent Society.

Now after almost a year Local 110 has purchased a location at 6165 6th Street SE in Calgary. Although there are a few things needed to get the space ready to open to the Membership, today the Local took possession and we were fortunate to have a few of our Calgary Members join the Officers for a walk through and hang the temporary signage.

This is a new outlook for our Local in Southern Alberta. This location will allow Local 110 increased engagement with the Membership, Potential Members, Contractors, Clients, and the Calgary Public.

In solidarity

Kevin Lecht