Bargaining Update

Good Day Sisters and Brothers

As of April 17, 2015 the Alberta Building Trades have 15 of 24 Trades that have ratified their 2015 Provincial Collective Agreement:

  • Pipefitters                                                                           Ratified
  • Sprinkler Fitters                                                                Ratified
  • Ironworkers Rebar                                                           Ratified
  • Ironworkers Structural                                                    Ratified
  • Tilesetters                                                                           Ratified
  • Refrigeration Mechanics                                                 Ratified
  • Cement Masons                                                                Ratified
  • Labourers                                                                           Ratified
  • Operating Engineers                                                        Ratified
  • Sheeters, Deckers and Cladders                                    Ratified
  • Teamsters                                                                          Ratified
  • Plasterers                                                                           Ratified
  • Bricklayers General                                                         Ratified
  • Sheet Metal Workers                                                       Ratified
  • Millwrights                                                                        Ratified

Trades settled pending ratification:

  • Boilermakers                                                      Vote complete results to be posted later this week
  • Bricklayer Refractory                                       Vote complete results to be posted later this week
  • Painters                                                               Waiting on results
  • Roofers                                                                Waiting on results
  • Carpenters                                                          Waiting on results
  • Insulators                                                           Waiting on results

Trades without a memorandum of agreement

  • Electricians
  • Elevator Constructors
  • Glassworkers