Asbestos Workers Insurance Benefit Trust Fund Announcement

Please see the attached letter from the H&W Trustees being mailed out this afternoon regarding changes to the Plan, effective for all claims incurred on and after June 1, 2018:

In order to provide Plan members with the best possible coverage, given the available resources, the Board of Trustees regularly reviews the financial position of the Fund.

Over the last several years, some deficit financing has been necessary in order to provide the existing level of benefits to Plan Members and their families. That deficit financing has been made possible by drawing on the Fund’s reserves.

Having considered the current financial position of the Fund, and the need to control the current negative cash flow and depleting reserves, the Trustees have elected to make the following changes to the Plan, effective for all claims incurred on and after June 1, 2018:

Reduce vision to $400 every 24 months for members and spouses. Coverage for dependent children will remain at 12 months.

Add a 20% co-payment to all Extended Health claims – except ambulance and out of country claims.
Add a 20% co-payment on routine Dental claims.
Eliminate the Cost Plus Dental reimbursement account. (Provided additional coverage for qualifying members for dental implants and over-dentures)

Eliminate the Critical Illness benefit.
In addition, the following changes have been made:
The Health Spending Account (HSA) was reduced to $300 for 2018 for those members who are eligible. Any future allocation to the HSA will be determined annually by the Trustees based on the current financial position of the Fund.

All retirees will be required to make monthly self-payments of $170 starting June 1, 2018, in order to maintain Health & Welfare coverage.

The self-payment rate for member benefits will remain at $350 per month, subject to review from time to time.
Any member who retires on or after June 1, 2018 will be required to have a minimum of 15 years of membership in Local 110 (and its predecessors) in order to qualify for retiree Health & Welfare coverage. Retirement is defined as the first day of the month immediately following termination of your eligibility for benefits providing you are in receipt of a pension from the Asbestos Workers Pension Plan.

The above changes were made after an extensive review of the options that are most equitable to all members, and after receiving input at recent member meetings held across the province.

The Trustees will continue to monitor the financial position of the Fund in order to provide the highest level of benefits possible given the available resources.