American Income Life Accidental Death Benefit

Good day Brothers and Sisters

July 2016 American Income Life, a Unionized insurance company, presented at the Canadian Conference about possibly partnering with our Locals to provide $4000 accidental death benefits to our Members. In exchange for this benefit every Member that returned the information card to AIL would be contacted by a representative to be provided the certificate of insurance and be offered other insurance options.

The mail out that our Members received was completed at the Local 110 office with the cost of the mail out being charged back to AIL. As such none of the Members information was provided to the company by Local 110. They receive personal information if the Member sends back the coverage card. If the Member does not send back the card they are still covered for the $4000 accidental death benefit, the only difference is the funds will be provided to your estate instead of your beneficiary.

Unfortunately, one Local 110 Member’s family has already received the $4000 accidental death benefit from this policy. AIL was prompt in getting the payment out to the family and I know they feel the value of this program.

So far a number of our Members have reported a positive experience dealing with AIL representatives. However, there have also been a few reports that AIL representatives have been calling our Members at inappropriate times, they have given misrepresentation of affiliation, and employed the use of high pressure sales tactics. When this is reported to the local, we bring these complaints forward to the District Manager and the individuals are dealt with and in one instance, the sales person no longer works with our Members.

If you have any issues or concerns about your treatment by AIL please contact the Hall so that the proper steps can be taken. Additionally, the Public Relations Manager of Western Canada for AIL, Deborah Boles, will be attending the Local 110 General Membership Meeting January 14, 2017 to answer any questions and deal with any concerns.