2020 Day of Mourning

April 27, 2020

Dear Union Family

Tomorrow April 28, 2020 is the National Day of Mourning for workers killed, injured or suffered due to illness from workplace hazards or occupational exposures. This is a time to remember those workers who have passed due to their chosen profession and offer comfort to the families that are still grieving.

This year over one-hundred workers have died due to workplace injury or illness throughout Alberta. Unfortunately, some of our own members passed away this year due to complications from illnesses caused by the materials we work with. Hundreds more are battling daily with the long-term health issues caused by working in the Mechanical Insulation Trade. We owe it to these members to do better for the people working in the trade now. Ensuring that yourself and those around you utilize proper Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is a small step but a good start.

This year’s theme is “Stop the Pandemic at Work”. With hundreds of Local 110 members still working and deemed “essential” though construction and maintenance, we must be vigilant in adhering to the new processes that are in place on the job to help reduce the spread of COVID 19. We must also ensure that the rest of our members that are currently not being deemed essential stay home and follow the social distancing requirements. This is the only way COVID transmission will be slowed and, in the end, allow all of us to get back to our normal lives.

At 11 AM Tuesday April 28, 2020 please take a moment of silence to mark this event. Although the usual memorial events will not be attended, there are plans for virtual memorials across social media, using #WorkersDayofMourning and #StopthePandemicAtWork. Individuals are asked to light a candle in their home and post the picture to social media, or if you are working post a picture of yourself in protective equipment or some of the workplace controls that have been put in place. Workers must continue to bring visibility to the importance of the National Day of Mourning, especially in times like these.

Always remember as workers we have the Right to Know, the Right to Participate and the Right to Refuse Unsafe Work. Exercise your rights, to help protect yourself from becoming next year’s statistic.

In solidarity

Kevin Lecht