Good day Brothers and Sisters 

As we come to the end of Local 110s 66th year and I look back on 2016, I am inspired by our accomplishments and the people that made them possible.

I would like to thank our outstanding staff at the Local 110 offices both in Edmonton and Calgary, who take on much more than their job scope demands to make sure our organizations is successful. Their dedication and professionalism can be seen daily in our offices and showcased at our Local’s events; such as the Family Fun Day, Kid’s Christmas Party, and Adult Christmas Parties. I would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to each and every staff member.

Next I would like to thank our Business Agents Pat Tilley, Doug Johnson and Doug Casemore, our President Pat Sullivan, Vice President Dan Annett and the Local 110 Executive Board. These members have thankless jobs but they diligently perform their work, giving of their time not only for their own benefit but for the benefit of us all. Their sacrifice and selflessness helps make this Union special and standout as a leader amongst our peers.  

I would like to give a special thank you to all the members who worked as Job Stewards in 2016. These members sacrifice so much to support our Local, protect our jurisdiction and “fight the good fight”. There is not one grievance that has been won without the support and cooperation of the Job Stewards involved. Please keep up the good work Brothers and Sisters you are the backbone of this organization.

Work wise 2016 was a big change from what our Local has been used to. With low oil prices came the canceling of a number of oil sands expansions and a slowdown across industrial construction. Fortunately for our members our trade is ramping up when most trades are closing out the project, and our Local again was scrambling for travelers and permits to fill the manpower needs of our contractors and clients. Looking towards 2017 Local 110 should have a similar year to 2016. Our Local has two major projects North West Redwater and Suncor Fort Hills that are just ramping up for Mechanical Insulation. There are also three shutdowns planed for the Fort McMurray area that will result in similar project hours as in 2016.

Our efforts to grow the understanding of what Mechanical Insulation is and the benefits of a certified workforce have been paying off. Early in 2016 Local 110 met with a number of industry leaders to discuss our trade and the ability of Mechanical Insulation properly installed to reduce Green House Gases in both commercial and industrial sectors. These meeting eventually resulted in Local 110 facilitating a number of Mechanical Insulation Energy Audits to show the cost of wasted energy due to missing and improperly installed Mechanical Insulation and in some cases considerable damage to mechanical systems was found, due to corrosion under insulation because of improper installation. I am happy to report that a number of contracts now require certified journeyman, indentured apprentices, and the company to be a member of TIAC to install Mechanical Insulation. This will help our contractors in the bid process and reduce the number of small uncertified contractors under cutting union wages in Alberta.

By far the most notable event of 2016 was the Fort McMurray Wildfires. A large number of our members were and continue to be effected by this disaster. During this time it was inspiring to hear and see how our members stepped up to help. There are countless stories of Local 110 members giving up camp rooms and sleeping in vehicles and hallways so that people who were evacuated from the city could be accommodated. Our members provided thousands of dollars in donations that were equally distributed to our members that were displaced from their homes. Local 110 must also thank all the locals that pay into the International Disaster Relief fund, our International was quick to respond to this situation and put cheques in our member’s hands within days of the evacuation.

The return to site after the fires had cleared made for extra challenges and I would like to thank all our Members, Travelers and Permit Workers who stood with us and our contractors to get the sites back up and running. I know that in most cases the accommodations were questionable and for the most part our members worked to make the best of it and I thank you.

In close I would like wish all our Members and their families a Happy Holidays and a Wonderful New Year.

Kevin Lecht