2015 Adult Christmas Parties

Good day Brothers and Sisters

This week is the start of the Local 110 holiday season the kickoff is on Saturday December 5, 2015 with the Calgary Adult Christmas party at the Clarion Hotel and the Edmonton Adults Christmas party on December 18, 2015 at the Chateau Louis, currently there are only 10 tickets left.

This event is a good way to connect with each other outside of work, reconnect with retirees and celebrate our long serving members' dedication to our Local. This year we have 122 members eligible for 15 year recognition, 6 members eligible for 20 year recognition, 31 members eligible for 25 year recognition, 19 members eligible for 30 year recognition, 47 members eligible for 35 year recognition, 26 members eligible for 40 year recognition, 9 member eligible for 45 year recognition, 2 members eligible for 50 year recognition, 1 member eligible for 55 year recognition and 1 member eligible for 60 year recognition.

Congratulations to all pin recipients and hope that all are able to attend.