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When the ballot and instruction notice were mailed to Journeymen Members on November 10, 2014 it was noticed that one candidate for the position of executive board was missed. You will be receiving a new ballot which will be Green in color to cast your votes.If you have already mailed in the original incorrect ballot, IT WILL NOT BE COUNTED. You will be required to return the Green revised ballot with your choices. A pre paid stamped envelope has also been included in this revised mail out package.

 Attention Local 110 Journeymen – Re: Local 110 Election

As per the motion made by Bill Spring and passed by the attending Membership the mail out ballots were done by an independent third party. Local 110 only supplied the address labels. Any concerns should be directed to the President or to the Election Committee.

Local 110 Election Nominations

Local 110 Election Nominations 2014 – At our last general membership meeting on Saturday November 1, 2014, the following Local 110 members were nominated for positions prescribed within our union’s International Constitution and Bylaws for a term in office starting January 1, 2015 through to and including December 31, 2017 (note that there is one member who was nominated that is not reflected in the list below – that is explained towards the end):

Following the nomination meeting, the Election Committee attended the Edmonton Local 110 union office on Sunday November 2, 2014 to check the union records of attendance at union meetings to determine if everyone nominated was in fact eligible to run for the positions they were nominated for.  The Election Committee and support staff in the office have deemed that those listed below are eligible.

Nominated for Business Manager/Financial Secretary/Corresponding Secretary:

Wade Logan

Kevin Lecht


Nominated for Business Agent (Calgary):

Patrick (Pat) Tilley

Robert Minnis

Nominated for Business Agent (Fort McMurray):

Douglas Casemore (Wins by Acclamation)


Nominated for Business Agent (Edmonton):

Douglas Johnson (Wins by Acclamation)

Nominated for President:

Edward "Eamon" Boyle

Patrick Sullivan


Nominated for Vice President:

Daniel Annett

Michael Gagnon

Billy Hackman

Hugh Gillis


Nominated for Recording Secretary:

Janice Matlock (Wins by Acclamation)


Nominated for Executive Board (five positions):

Derek Stock

James Bitschy

Ronald "Jim" Adams

Dave Carnegie

Justin Dow

Christine Doucet

Roderick "Bill" Markine

Ralph Bunker

Johannus Visser


Nominated for Trustee (three positions):

Ronald Milich

William Spring

Ralph Bunker

Johannus Visser


Nominated for Sergeant At Arms:

Jason Doucet (Wins by Acclamation)


If there is any Local 110 member that was nominated for any of the above positions or if there are any errors that any member finds in respect to the above, please notify the union office immediately so that the list can be corrected.  The above names will be put on a ballot and sent out to all Local 110 Journeyman members for them to select the candidates of their choice.

Lyle Norlander had been nominated for the position of Business Agent for Edmonton and accepted that nomination.  However, the Election Committee, upon review of the union attendance records found that he had not attended enough union meetings in accordance with the International union Constitution and Bylaws to be eligible to run for that position.  One needs to have attended at least six of the ten meetings held during the one year time period prior to the nomination meeting in November. 


There are currently two positions available for 3rd Year School, starting immediately.

If interested please phone NAIT registration at (780) 471 - 6248


After consultation with the International and the President, All journeymen members in good standing will be able to vote as per past practice.

    Important information on the allocation of the November 2nd/2014 wage increase on the Business Manager update, please read !


This years  Edmonton Christmas party will be on Friday, Dec. 19, 2014 at the Chateau Louis Hotel and the Calgary Christmas party will be on Dec. 6th at the Clarion Hotel and Conference center tickets will be on sale on Thursday,October 16th.


Please be advised, that as of September 15th, 2014, the Robert J. Watson Bursary website is open for registration.

Applicants can apply and register for this year's draw at: www.rjwbursary.com.

The Bursary award has been increased from $500 to $1,000 this year. Cut-off for registration is November 21st, 2014.


August 12th today representatives of the Edmonton, Calgary and Wood Buffalo Food Banks were at Local 110 to receive a cheque for $4,500.00 for each organization for a total of $13,500.00 raised by our members, contractors and clients at the annual Rudy Wiederspiel Charity golf tournament, A huge Thank you to all our members, contractors and clients and anyone who participated or donated on making this a fantastic event and helping those less fortunate. Check out the photo's in the slideshow.


Local 110 has a new partnership with Cooperators for home and auto* insurance, effective February 1, 2014. Call Local 110 to get the code for group rates. While you are under no obligation to switch insurance companies, you are welcome to get a quote and compare rates and coverage. *Residents of B.C., Saskatchewan, Manitoba: Sorry, the auto insurance isn’t available for you. 


Thank you to these sponsors of our annual charity golf tournament.