BM Update Monday June 9th, 2014

Monday, June 9th,2014

Update on last Fridays' activity here at the Union hall, earlier we learned that Red Deer College was looking for instructors to teach a ten week course for temporary foreign workers where at the end of the course they would be able to take a " Qualification Certificate Program" exam for which the  temporary foreign worker needs to show that they have 6827 hours experience in the last 54 months and pay $475.00. If they successfully passed the exam they would be issued a certificate equivalent as a journeyman Insulator after checking with some other unions this program is available for other trades as well, we discussed our options with the International and decided that the best approach was to inquiry why this program is not available to Albertan's and Canadians with the same or better qualifications. A CBC reporter contacted us on this story and was here Friday to do a short interview and get our side of the issue, we will continue to look into this concern and see what options we have to turn this into something beneficial.

Friday, June 6th, 2014

Here are the applicants for Union membership for the June 14th meeting. They are tentative until voted on by the membership in attendance at the June 14th meeting. Hope to see you there.

Gizzie Arku 1st Year Tentatively Accepted
Alex Daskaluk JM Transfer Local 95 Tentatively Accepted
Denis Robichaud JM Transfer Local 58 Tentatively Accepted
Leslie Labine JM Tentatively Accepted
Sean Aitken 1st Year Tentatively Accepted
Dmitry Zubretsov 3rd Year Tentatively Accepted
Eric J Freel JM Transfer Local 97  Tentatively Accepted
Shawn Vanslyke JM Transfer Local 95 Tentatively Accepted
Jason Bressette JM Transfer Local 95 Tentatively Accepted
Justin London JM Transfer Local 131 Tentatively Accepted
Craig Brown 1st Year Tentatively Accepted
Jeffery Bassett 1st Year Tentatively Accepted
Fowsi Yusuf 1st Year Tentatively Accepted
Mitchell Doiron 1st Year Tentatively Accepted
Jeff Maude JM Transfer Local 95 Tentatively rejected
Ken Yuzyk JM – previous member Tentatively Accepted
Cody Lima 1st Year Tentatively rejected
Lana Francis 1st Year Tentatively Accepted
Salem Archivald Ali 1st Year Tentatively Accepted