1. Effective from the date a new member is accepted into Local 110 by vote at a regular membership meeting, and after that member pays his or her initiation fee to join, that member’s beneficiary shall thereafter be eligible to receive a death benefit from the Union’s Mortuary Fund in the event of such member’s death, subject to having paid all Mortuary Assessments as called for.  The Executive Board may review and set the base amount of monies to be paid out to beneficiaries (not more often than once every twelve months). All beneficiaries will receive the same base amount of payment following a change being made.

At the end of each calendar year, the union shall send a letter by regular mail to each member’s last given mailing address, assessing them ten dollars ($10.00) for each member who has passed away within this year.

If after two (2) months from the date such a letter has been post marked, a member does not pay the assessment, they shall be sent a letter by registered mail to their last known mailing address reminding them to pay.

If the member does not pay the assessment within one (1) month of the date the registered letter was sent, the beneficiary shall thereafter not be eligible for a death benefit if that member should pass away.

2. Two (2) months after an Honorary member, or a Grey Card member, or a Withdrawal Card member has been sent a letter of Mortuary assessment by regular mail to the last known address by Local 110, and if they haven’t paid that assessment within that time; They will be sent a second letter, this time registered, to their last known address which they gave the union, reminding them that they have not paid the assessment.  Also, a ten-dollar ($10.00) fine will be added to the initial assessment.

If they do not pay the assessment and fine within thirty days of the date that the second notice was sent, their beneficiary will thereafter not be eligible for a death benefit if that member should pass away.

Such members will no longer be assessed for mortuary but will remain members in good standing, provided they meet the other applicable obligations as called for by the Local 110 Bylaws and/or International Constitution and Bylaws.

Once an Honorary Card member or Grey Card member or Withdrawal Card member has lost their eligibility with the Mortuary Fund, their beneficiaries will only re-gain eligibility for death benefits if that member again works at the trade of insulating through Local 110 Union for a period of time including at least three calendar months. Any member who was lapsed and is seeking re-affiliation with Local 110 must pay any outstanding mortuary assessments that were unpaid at the time of their lapsing.

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