The Rapid Site Access Program (RSAP) is a voluntary agreement among unions, employers, and site owners that allows speedier dispatch of workers who have volunteered into the program to participating sites. Owners agree to waive site access testing requirement for those in good standing (“Active”) in the Rapid Site Access Program. In exchange, the workers who volunteer into the program agree to be subject to random testing, under clear protocols, while at work (i.e. on paid time).Those workers who choose not to volunteer will still have to fulfill owner site access testing requirements on their own time respecting each dispatch.Third party professionals at Organizational Health Incorporated OHI manage the program and there is a great deal of support for those with positive tests in order that they can return to work safely.

The key elements of RSAP are:

Workers take a single initial urinalysis test, paid for by the program. No further urinalysis tests are required. If you have already taken a preaccess urine test, there is no need for another one.
Each month, a computer-generated random list of workers will be asked to take an oral swab test. Tests are given ONLY TO THOSE ON THE JOB. Testers won‘t come to your home.If you test positive, you will be removed from the site and asked to follow up with OHI, an independent case manager, which may send you for a Homewood Human Solutions assessment. It is possible that you may be placed on an ‘inactive’ list, making you unavailable for dispatch until the follow-up is complete.Follow-up occurs, and presuming it’s satisfactory, if you've been inactive, you are once again eligible for dispatch.In return for being on the RSAP program, the member is NO LONGER REQUIRED TO TAKE PRE-ACCESS TESTING, and can therefore be sent directly to the job site and begin work with no down time.The RSAP program, working with COAA, allows you to be tested orally if you give the employer reasonable cause to do so (i.e. slurred speech, post incident, near-miss etc).

RSAP does not replace the Canadian Model. This FAQ gives more information. You register at, option “You can self register here.”

If you have further questions about RSAP, one of our Business Agents can help.